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 Going Home

Over the last several weeks we have witnessed a barrage of natural disasters that have left countless people homeless.   Close to home, over 6000 homes experienced extensive damage due to flooding during the same time the Southern United States saw the devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  

In each case, we are shaken to our core as that place we call home is unavailable or completely gone

Staggering Statistics

In 2016 over 24 million people were displaced as a result of natural disasters.  That means that every second of everyday someone is displaced in our world.   I can't begin to imagine what that experience would be like.   For me, home is the place where I am free to be me.  I feel safe and protected in a way that is different from anywhere else I might find myself.  

Rebuilding Our Centre

I read an article about a man in Oakland California that reclaims building materials and turns them into portable shelters for the homeless.  The article went on to describe how a homeless woman felt when she was able to lock her door and safely rest in her shelter.  It is something that we all deserve.   So this week, think about how you might be able to contribute to making someone feel safe.  It might be making a donation to the many organizations sending aid to the hurricane victims.  It might be helping a neighbour or friend who is still cleaning up after a flood.   It might mean building a portable shelter for someone who needs it most or it might mean opening your door to someone in need.   Whatever it means there is an opportunity to assist someone in feeling safe.   At the end of a long day it's everyone's right to say "It's good to be home".