Team Building




Andrew Carnegie defined teamwork as "the ability to work together toward a common vision.  The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives.  It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results"

In using the term "team building"  we are really discussing the elements that must be present to optimize performance of a group of individuals with a common purpose.  While "teamwork"  represents how individuals might work together team building goes beyond this.  

Team building starts with identifying a performance outcome for a group.  This is a fundamental catalyst for team development that informs the size, purpose, goals, skills, approach and accountability for the team.  

 Guiding Principles


There are four guiding principles that form the foundation of our work with teams.

  1.  Teams exist to produce results
  2. The Team is a living system
  3. Team members want to be on high-performing teams and want to contribute
  4. The team has within it the means to excel
Where Is Your Team?  We Can Help.

 1.  Brand New Team
 Why not start out right with a team assessment and team building workshop to identify the best way to leverage the strengths of individual teammates
 2.  Existing Team- New Objective
 Just because your team worked well on one project doesn't mean it will automatically duplicate the same success given a new objective.  Consider a one day workshop to align existing members to new assignments that create a positive work environment
 3.  Dysfunctional Team
 It doesn't take long for a team to slip into dysfunction.  The signs are always there but we hate to admit when we have a big problem.   We can work with your team focusing on positivity and productivity factors to redirect your team back on the right track.

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