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  And So It Begins

Every year on the first Tuesday of September the winds of change blow in my direction.  It means the start of a new year.   Since my birthday is the beginning of September the first twenty plus years of my life included the the double impact of going back to school and becoming a year older.  Even now, decades removed from student life, I feel the need to refresh. 

This morning as I drove to a local golf course, as is the tradition on my birthday, I couldn't help but notice the bright and shiny faces of the children patiently waiting for the school bus.   It is that unique combination of excitement and nervousness that we all feel when a first day arrives.  

I've Had Hundreds of First Days

No matter where you are in your life, chances are you've had numerous first days.   Several months ago I sent a message to a former colleague who was starting a new role.   In wishing her well on her first day she made an interesting comment, "you only have one first day".   At that moment in time, in that role and with those people it was a new beginning.  There was a strong desire to do well, to make an impression and to set a new course.   Perhaps it's why we choose a special outfit to wear, rehearse our words and enthusiastically prepare.  It is however, only one of many first days. 


The Energy of Firsts

The power of first days is that there is so much energy and excitement that comes with them.  Today I am 58 for the very first time.  It's a number I've never experienced before and I'm excited to see where it takes me.  Whether today is your first day of school, the first day back from vacation, the first day in a new job, or any number of firsts enjoy what the day holds for you.   As I stood on the first tee box this morning, with the dew on the grass, and the sun rising in the sky I was pretty sure it was going to be an awesome day.   I gripped my driver and swung my club with a deliberateness and watched as my golf ball arced to the sky and fell softly in the fairway.  No matter what else happened after that first swing I will remember how great it felt for a long time.  

Happy First Day everyone.