Performance Consulting


There is nothing more frustrating than when your organization is not performing.   It stalls future development and in some cases leads to disaster.   As a consultant our role is to help you optimize workplace performance so you are able to meet your business goals. 

The good news is that no matter where your business performance is right now there is always opportunity for improvement.   Through robust assessment and analysis we'll help build an organizational development plan that will optimize your people, processes and use of technology.    

 Why training isn't always the solution

 There are several factors that impact on-the-job performance.   As part of the performance consulting process we assess all of these factors to identify potential solutions for your organization.

  1. Factors External to the Organization
  2. Factors Internal to the Organization (work environment)
  3. Factors Internal to Individuals (capabilities)

 There is no magic bullet
At Patti Sproat Positive Solutions we take the time to work with you to gain an understanding of how your business works.   Through this process of discovery we use a variety of tools to identify the root cause of performance issues.   We can then partner with you to develop a plan to optimize the performance in your organization.   Our expertise allows us to support your business as you execute your plan.   Whatever level of partnership you're looking for we can find a positive solution that supports your business and your budget.   Let us show you how