Leadership Development





At Patti Sproat Positive Solutions our Leadership Development focuses on two themes, energy and connection. 

Leading ourselves begins by connecting with ourselves and optimizing our energy.  

Leading others starts by building strong connections with the people around us so they are able to use their optimal energy to achieve success.

Leading organizations means harnessing a collective energy that is driven by a common vision, mission and care for the people that serve and are served.   It is connecting with the world around us and how we positively impact it. 


 A Focus on Small Business


 At Patti Sproat Positive Solutions we understand the unique challenges of owning a small business.  Small business owners are often the one stop shop when it comes to leadership.  They are the parent, subject matter expert and visionary all rolled into one.   Without the assistance of a human resource department this might become overwhelming.   As the business grows there is a point of transition when additional leaders must be brought in.   This means identifying several key components.

  1. What is the quantity and quality of leaders that your business requires to execute its strategy?  
  2. What are the skills and behaviours needed by these leaders?
  3. How will your leaders work together to implement the strategy?
  4. What is the culture of the organization in terms of collaboration, development and the role of leaders ?
  5.  How will existing leaders relinquish, and or delegate leadership responsibilities to others?

 Wherever you are in your leadership journey we can help position you or your organization to lead successfully into the future.

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