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 March Reads:  Experiencing Your Best

 John D Mayer one of the founding fathers of emotional intelligence brings a wealth of research to "personal intelligence" and the role that personality plays in our lives.   Understanding ourselves and others is a valuable tool to our success in life.  

The second machine age takes the reader through a history of industrial development then moves through the impact of digital technologies in the future.

Words that Change Minds provide readers with the tools to recognize communication habits that they encounter in their personal interactions.

Finally, finish up your reading with a wonderful story to honor who you are.   Discover the magnificence within yourself.  

 February Reads:  Looking Inside and Out

 These books elegantly look at each of us from the inside out and how we show ourselves to the world.  
 Sally Hogshead uses her background in marketing to provide tools you can use to fascinate.   Learn how to enhance your messages to create more traction.

Danielle Laporte in Desire Map brings the reader with her as she tells the story of how she redefined goal setting based on desire.  

Marci Alboher in One Person/Multiple Careers redefines the careers of people who hold multiple roles in their lives.   Discovery how others have slash careers that feed their soul.  

Finally, Brene Brown in The Gifts of Imperfection shares a strong message for all of us who sometimes forget that who we are is good enough.  Let this researcher encourage you to let go of perfection.  

 January Reads:  A Time for Renewal

 These four books may provide you a catalyst to change perspective and live a more positive life.   From creating a positive mindset to taking action to execute and achieve your goals there is something that will create a spark.  

Shawn Achor combines research with real world application to set the stage for "positive genius" in all of us.   His practical tools can be applied to multiple situations.  
Loving Kindness brings a bit of spiritualism into your world through daily rituals that help create a more positive personal state.
Jim Rohn brings the reader to an epiphany by showing them how they can have more in life by becoming more than you are.  Discover how his words will inspire you to action
In the 4 Disciplines of Execution the authors take readers through a proven formula for executing strategy.  

 December Reads:  A Perfect Holiday Gift

 Why not give yourself a gift that will have a lasting impact.   These four books may create a shift in how you live your life and find fulfillment and success.
In the "Compound Effect"  Darren Hardy outlines an easy to follow strategy to find success.   It is within everyone's capability.

"Change Your Questions, Change Your Life" will encourage you to use the power of "learner" questions to empower your interactions.   When you come from a place of genuine curiosity your interactions become more positive

Daniel Goleman takes the reader to a place of "Focus" in his most recent book.   As the "father of emotional intelligence" he provides research to support the importance of focus in a world full of distractions

Malcolm Gladwell has become the "pied piper" of popular non-fiction.   For those of you who love to challenge the status quo or slay giants this is a great read.  

  Take a look at these November reads..... Something for everyone

 Over the next month challenge yourself to read these four books.   They have been selected to start your development from within.  

Winning from Within is a book that encourages the reader to go beyond the superficial layer in getting what they want.   As a reader you'll discover how to resolve the gap between what you should say and what you actually do say.  It will help you master your "inner negotiations".

Thinking Fast and Slow is a book that challenges the way you think about thinking.   Daniel Kahneman places the reader as an active participant when reviewing research exposing you to how you make choices and identifying your biases.   This is a truly eye-opening experience.  

Red Thread Thinking:  Weaving Together Connections for Brilliant Ideas is presented by Debra Kaye as a usable approach to unsurface an individual's capability to make brilliant insights.  

...... and finally The Innovator's DNA takes you on a journey to discover the competencies that successful innovators have mastered.   Focusing on these competencies might give you an edge in creating a shift for you or your organization.