Throughout our lives we interact with people that propel us forward.  Sometimes these relationships are with our family, friends and colleagues.  Each of them play a valuable role in our development.  A coach is another relationship that empowers us to move forward.  The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as "partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential"

Whether you are looking for 1:1, team or executive coaching you can expect positive change through the coaching process.  Using a wide variety of tools and processes the coach will assist you to achieve your goals and build greater satisfaction in your life.  

 Who Uses a Coach?


Coaching provides a variety of benefits to individuals who may be looking to:

  • enhance their personal or professional relationships
  • support habit or lifestyle change
  • optimize their performance
  • discover,set and achieve goals
  • develop new skills
  • support and lead teams
  • enhance their communication skills
  • develop strategies
  • develop and successfully execute plans
  • enhance conflict resolution


It's Okay to Focus on You

Wherever you are in your life you may find that you spend a large percentage of your time focusing on the people around you and ensuring they are supported and successful.  If you are considering using a coach congratulations on focusing your talent, skills and energy on your most valuable resource, you.

If you've ever flown on an airplane and listened to the flight attendant review safety procedures you've heard the flight attendant say  "should the cabin pressure fall an oxygen mask will drop down".  " Place it on yourself first before helping other passengers".   Coaching just might be that shot of oxygen that propels you forward in a way you didn't think possible.  Coaching is a journey of self discovery that takes work and the right partner.  

 Taking the First Step

 Every person is unique and finding the right coaching partner will optimize your coaching experience and achievement of your goals

When meeting with a potential coach consider the following:
  •  Is the interaction fluid?  Is there an alignment of language?  Did the coach seek to gain understanding in a way that works for you?

 Background and Related Experience
  •  Does the coach have the experience, skills and drive to help you or your organization meet your needs?

 Coaching Philosophy and Toolkit
  • Ensure the coach is focusing on achieving your goals.   Coaches should have multiple assessment tools available to help you work towards achieving your goals.  How these tools are integrated into your coaching sessions should be based on your needs and assist in moving you forward

Start Today

Your coaching partner is just a phone call or click away.  Contact Patti Sproat today to find out more, learn about our package pricing and to set up a free 30 minute session to discover and decide if investing in a coaching package with Patti is the right fit for your needs at this time.