Customized Learning Solutions

  "Performance" The Driver for Employee Development

 In business, success is dependent on how your organization performs.   In today's competitive environment employees need more than technical expertise to be effective.   They need a base of core competencies that transcend multiple roles.   Developing these competencies allow employees to be agile as business environments change. 

We have created a catalogue of programs focused on developing specific competencies at the individual, team and organizational level.  We can customize these programs to fit your organization and tie them into your overall talent strategy.   

When we define "fit" we are identifying a customization that considers best practices as well as the unique combination of factors that make up  an organization.  

 Best Practices


On the Job Learning might consist of:

  • stretch assignments
  • rotational assignments
  • cross-functional assignments
  • special assignments
  • action learning

 Coaching and Feedback
  • part of the performance management system
  • peer coaching
  • direct supervisor coaching

 Structured Learning
  • Instructor led training
  • virtual classroom
  • e- learning
  • assessments
  • workshops
  • conferences


 At Patti Sproat Positive Solutions we'll work with you to build a learning solution that "fits" your organization and optimizes employee performance.  Contact us for more information