Our Mission

 To inspire people to unlock their full potential and lead the life that they were destined to live.  When you connect with yourself and others, you will  "Experience Your Best"

Your Partner for Success


Sometimes it's more than just working hard.  The lessons of prior generations, while a great foundation,  definitely benefit from new layers of knowledge and awareness.  At Patti Sproat Positive Solutions we use the latest tools in emotional intelligence, personality and coaching.   Quite simply, we help you uncover, enhance and unleash your unique combination of skills and attributes that work best for you.  Imagine the possibilities when your best self  is focused on what  matters most to you. 

When we work with a client we use a combination of traditional learning and coaching that is customized to meet your goals.  Whether that means for your organization, or your personal life we have a positive solution.  Of course, we start with questions.  We'll ask you the questions that matter and make you sit up and take notice.  Where you go from there is up to you. 

 Discovering Our Website Gems

Consider this website your personal resource tool.  Every Tuesday a new article is posted in our Take Action Tuesday section.  These articles suggest actions that might make a difference in your life.  If this week's article doesn't work, review our archives where hundreds of articles are housed.   On Thursday check out our Thoughtful Thursday article.  These articles go a bit deeper and challenge the reader to see the world from a  slightly different perspective.  They might help you see something you've been missing or bring an idea into sharper focus. 


We'll also link you to blogs, sites and resources that might expand your current expertise and generate  new ideas.   Visit often as we'll work hard to keep you updated.   Thanks for spending some of your valuable time with us.

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Imagine waking up every day and having a purpose that excites you!

Imagine a fuller, richer life with deeper meaning.

Imagine having more focus and clarity.

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